What’s with the dog?

No sock.  No talking puppet.  This dog just came to us.  It wandered in and now it is part of our group.

SCVA mascot

It is not Toto.  This dog doesn’t even have a name.  Maybe we should have a contest to name the dog?  This dog is an empty vessel.  A shadow.  But Toto is our dog’s hero.  Toto has inspired “dog” here, to help us with the SCVA mission.

SCVA contends that the narcotic numbness that Marshall McLuhan used to describe our continuous embrace of our own technology, explains why the vast majority of corporations insist on using the same old hammer of traditional brand management when new tools and management methods focused on maximizing social capital must be fervently developed and employed.

The transition required is no less abrupt than that moment when the search of Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion reaches confrontation with the Great Oz façade and the curtain is pulled back to reveal a mere mortal.

The corporation is at risk of being the “humbug” caught shouting into the loudspeakers and pulling at the mechanistic levers of the past.

I hope that we discover together that if we make the kinds of investments that SCVA points us towards, we will all become “clever enough wizards” to quickly transform from Great Oz into leadership of great courage, heart and brains.

Playing a role in personal identity formation by recognizing our social network connections with certifications (the Scarecrow’s diploma), testimonials (the Tin Man’s ticking heart) and medals of honour (the Lion’s courage) will be familiar aspects of our strategy and tactics.

Our dog does not want Naomi Klein hassling him.  So let’s not pick “logo” as a name.  Let’s just say he helps animate our cause.  He is the SCVA mascot.

Okay … what’s with the thinking behind “the dog”?

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13 Responses to “What’s with the dog?”

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  5. Geni Says:

    Dogs rule and so does your posting on this subject!

  6. Tony Williams Says:

    Well, if you don’t want to call the dog “logo” you could call him “Seymour” after Seymour Papert who invented the programming language Logo.

    If you want something related to “mascot” then call him “Kingsford” after Sir Charles Kingsford Smith of Kingsford Smith Airport in Mascot, Sydney, Australia. Famous aviator.

    // Tony

  7. Dave Simmons Says:

    I think the dog is an appropriate reminder that, even though we delve into philosophy and discussion, we are reminded of the daily realities of problems we are solving in our own workplaces. Every day, we must take the dog outside, feed it and pay attention it to keep it vital and happy (like our sponsors and organizations). The dog reminds us to keep it real.

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  12. Chris Watkins Says:

    It’s different from the Wizard of Oz. The unveiling there was a shock – but corporations are unveiled all the time, revealing their shallow theater and self-interest. But we carry on, because we like the theater.

  13. Michael Cayley Says:

    Chris –

    Thanks for adding the comment!

    I agree to an extent. I suppose this is the basis for P.T. Barnum’s assertion that, “Any publicity is good publicity.” There are quite a few Paris Hilton types out there who seem to be happy to cover the costs of lowest common denominator attention.

    But for the most part, I think marketers understand that a fundamental disconnect has emerged between even their most ethical, best intentions and the consumers they serve.

    Would love your thoughts on this post:


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