Signal of Altruistic Type and Corporate Motivations

Collin Douma, the real Johnny Cash of social media, started this train of thought rolling with a worthy request. He is a great guy and his sister is doing something cool. Check it out!

I explored memetic branding and altruism in this post over at

UPDATE: More on memetic branding & altruism … Memetic Pepsi.

UPDATE 2: My best post on altruism and new economic model.

But the implications of signal of intention are not limited to the branding of a corporation and/or product or service in this era of broadband empowered individuals.

Adoption of Social Capital Value Add ushers in the possibility of new motives for corporate social responsibility. Not only will the corporation be asked to be more accountable for its actions, perhaps the corporation can be encouraged to invest in ways for its social connections – consumers, suppliers, employees, investors, owners, analysts and value added resellers, etc – to move beyond feel-good CSR tactics towards a relationship in which the opportunity is seized by each forging identities based upon greater social contribution.

As I have noted before, there are implications throughout the corporate ecosystem.

“Clarity of shared purpose and principle”, “mission statement” (which is a term that has been around for a while), community values … there are many ways of describing the need for self-organisation through unity of purpose that is characteristic of the era that we live in.

Dee Hock, former CEO of Visa has elaborated the vision of Chaordic Organizations which I think is aligned with this view in his book One From Many. I have not read the book but I did check out this outline. (thanks to John Ringland for bringing this reference to us).

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4 Responses to “Signal of Altruistic Type and Corporate Motivations”

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