Thank you! Reviews of Social Capital Value Add & Memetic Brand

Ideas need people to tell their story.

Thanks to everyone, including the many twitterers, who are helping to improve and spread Social Capital Value Add and Memetic Brand.  I flipped when I saw this tweet.

I would love to add your review to these examples, please send me a link …

Word of Mouth Marketing Association of America based in Chicago:

Canadian Marketing Association based in Toronto: based in San Francisco:

Kim Kobza, CEO, Neighborhood America, based in Florida:

Rochelle Grayson, COO, Donat Group, based in Vancouver:

Jay Deragon, Social Media Strategist & Author of The Emergence of The Relationship Economy

Geoff Whitlock, President, Life Capture Interactive, based in Toronto

Tim Kitchin, Co-Founder, Glasshouse Partnership based in London, England:

Jordan Willms, Sumolabs blogger, based in Vancouver:

Canada Blog Friends based in Toronto:

The Daily Grind, based in Toronto:

John Dumbrille, based on Bowin Island, B.C.:

5 Responses to “Thank you! Reviews of Social Capital Value Add & Memetic Brand”

  1. Jay Deragon Says:

    Your comment: Corporations need to adopt theories and practices that are designed to help them maximize formation,
    access and use of social networks and social capital. In response, a new theory of value based management
    called Social Capital Value Add (SCVA) is introduced to link Nan Lin’s network theory of social capital
    directly to corporate value. says it all.

    I label it as a new management method yet to be understood or defined. Very nice work and thanks for point it out to me. Intend on using it in many blog post to vome.

    Well done and spot on!

  2. Michael G. Cayley Says:

    Thanks Jay.

  3. John Bradford Says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve greatly enjoyed your e-book, lots to think about with regard to the day-to-day enactment of our business lives.

    At Heliotrope we’re building our social capital through mutual working partnerships and added benefit to all partners. We’re beginning to see the conversion of that SC into orders that will prove the Value Add to Heliotrope.

    Many thanks

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