Social Capital Value Add – Chinese Version @ China 2.0

I am looking for volunteers to refine this Mandarin version of Introducing Social Capital Value Add. Please contact me if you can help.

Thanks to my good friend and co-worker, Susan Du and her assistants for this first draft. During my three years in Shanghai, Susan supported my work at Shanghai Links and as a Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.  I was in Shanghai for three years & Beijing for two.

The problem is that most of my old friends are not familiar with the translations of the specialized media, social capital, economic and management terms throughout the paper. The other problem is that my China network works in a completely different context than my new “twitter speed” online networks.  I suppose that another problem is that little word … “volunteer”?

I am releasing this version now because I am hoping to get the attention Robert Scoble, Shel Israel and the rest of the gang on the China 2.0 Tour. Organized by The China Business Network, Web2Asia and CNReviews, the inaugural China 2.0 Tour is sponsored by Edelman Digital China and represents a unique opportunity for companies and individuals to gain a deeper understanding of China.  Check out this line-up:

Over the course of the next few days, these folks will be mixing with the right enthusiasts who will both very much appreciate the translation of Social Capital Value Add and be positioned to refine it.

If you are connected to the China 2.0 tour or anyone on it in any way, please help me recruit some support for the SCVA idea.

Check out these posts on the consistencies of the Chinese notion of guanXi and social capital.  New global economic order anyone?

Xie Xie.

Social Capital Value Add @ Apr1 15 Chinese Version

And another thing.  My wife in Beijing this week on business & I miss her.

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