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If you are in Toronto or can make it in, I hope that you will join me in attending the Optimizing Business Performance Workshop being presented by San Francisco based Value Networks on Feb.10th.  I hope that you caught all the details about why & where in this previous post.

UPDATE, Jan. 19th from John Maloney, VP of ValueNetworks.com ..

Because of the demand and popularity of the VNA Workshop, it has been decide to configure it into a worldwide ‘road show’ versus separate, ‘one-off’ events. This will allow us to win sponsorship, leverage marketing and conduct a better series of distributed events overall for the whole of 2009.

We are still coming to Toronto, but the date needs to slip a bit to allow the pre-work to take place. We are looking at 20 March 2009 for your event. Note from MC: I guess this puts the event back into the tentative column until otherwise confirmed.

Also, if you have any local enterprise sponsor prospects for the event, let us know.

Another great reason to attend will be the lunch time presentation at the event by David Ticoll.  David will help us focus on addressing the risks of adopting collaborative network management methods …

“Collaborative business networks seem increasingly critical to success. But managers are justifiably cautious about opening their doors a new wave of fads. Wikipedia, a touted example of collaboration, is rife with errors, omissions, and internal politics. Nearly 20 years old, Linux, a  product of an army of volunteers, is only now breaking into consumer markets. And what is the subprime crisis if not a failure of mass collaboration?

Managers need two things. First, a coherent taxonomy of choices – new and old – for business design. Second, we need a risk management and mitigation framework. It’s all well and good to engage in collaborative innovation. But how do you set up your participation to minimize failure and maximize success?”

Here is a mini-bio for David ..

David Ticoll is a leading strategist, seasoned thought leadership research executive, in demand speaker, and policy advisor. His clients include senior executives of Canada’s and the world’s biggest organizations.

David is a Research Fellow at the Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto.

David’s consulting, research and policy focus is on globalization, open and innovative business models, collaboration, the changing workforce, outsourcing and offshoring, productivity, transparency, corporate social responsibility, labour market strategy, and national competitiveness. He has authored several bestselling business books, including Digital Capital: Harnessing the Power of Business Webs, and The Naked Corporation: How the Age of Transparency will Revolutionize Business.

In November 2008 David was appointed Executive Director of the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills. Founded in 2007 by Bell Canada, the CCICT is an industry-led, multi-stakeholder initiative. Its mission is to ensure that Canadian organizations can engage information and communications technology professionals with knowledge, skills and talents to meet the evolving and diverse needs of this field. From 2003 to 2008, David chaired the Expert Panel of the Information & Communications Technology Council.

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