Seed Salon: Albert-László Barabási + James Fowler

“Barabási mathematically describes networks in the World Wide Web, the internet, the human body, and society at large. Fowler seeks to identify the social and biological links that define us as humans. In this video Salon, Barabási and Fowler discuss contagion and the Obama campaign, debate the natural selection of robustness, and ask: Is society turning inward?”

The “Is society turning inward?” question is misleading in my opinion.  That headline does not really point towards the discussion that the scientists are having towards the end of this piece.  That question makes me think of xenophobes and isolationist trade policies.  In fact, the scientists are talking about the emergence of networking thinking as a dominant form in the 21st century.  They believe that our best minds are increasingly focused on our interconnectedness rather unlike the last century of learning which was primarily focused on learning about particles from quarks to the galaxies & beyond.

Hat tip to Valdis Krebs for sharing this and these related links:

PDF of Full Paper... The Seed Salon

The transcript is here.

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