Social Capital … A Network Mindset

Victoria Axelrod & Jenny Ambrozek were co-chairs of the Business of Community Networking conference in Boston last week where I delivered “Introducing Social Capital Value Add” & joined a panel on ROI & measurement.

I am going to learn so much from these women …

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  1. Jenny Ambrozek Says:

    Thanks for sharing our Community 2.0 presentation, your kind words and the opportunity to learn more together as I explore your Social Capital Value Add.

    As the slides above come from a workshop some context might be helpful. Victoria Axelrod and I met at the first David Gurteen Knowledge Cafe in New York June 2005 and found both our experiences– Victoria’s work in organizational strategy and mine, helping enterprises implement and adapt to the latest generations of collaborative tools– were complementary and necessary to creating 21st Century Organizations, the topic we’ve blogged about since 2006 at We saw an unexpected reminder of the organizational issues when the Charlene Li et al “Why Social Media Fails” Web 2.0 panel last week turned to a conversation about “culture”:

    It’s my experience that maximizing the potential of the latest generations of collaboration tools/social networks/social media, as our slide 4 suggests, demands fundamental changes in organizations that includes rethinking issues of control, openness and trust in employees and developing new ways of measuring how value is created in a networked world. As we know change doesn’t come easily to organizations with established brands and entrenched interests.

    Our workshop was developed to help people understand how organizations operate as networks and how applying a network lens can address business challenges. I hope this backstory is helpful and if not that you will question further.


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