Review of Social Capital Value Add by Dima Dimitrova

Back in May, I introduced Dr. Dima Dimitrova on this blog and mentioned that I am “quite confident at this point that there is no one who has given Social Capital Value Add more thorough, qualified consideration than Dima”.

Now Dima has shared her thorough review of Social Capital Value Add.  Thank you!

In the process, you can get a very good summary of the SCVA arguement, including some criticisms that have me back at the drawing board in some ways.  I am not throwing the baby out with with the bath water, but it is already clear that the research and development that we would like to do to advance Social Capital Value Add will be much better rounded with Dima around.  We need an authentic academic talent on hand to keep my instinctive leaps from silo to silo in check.

I look forward to your additions to Dr. Dimitrova’s review.  Once I have a chance to refocus, I will come back here with my thoughts on the criticisms.

Dimitrova – Review of Cailey" Social Capital Value Add

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