Attention-Art-Social Capital: Understanding Value

Yvette Dubel has made a permanent disciple out of me with this amazing video about the shift in value that I describe as Social Capital Value Add.  Take 4:20 and watch this video.  Then share it.  It could be the most valuable 4:20 minutes of business advice that you will ever give to someone.

Yvette does not hammer on the relationship between shared perception, social capital and margins in my crass way and there is more of a media focus in the video than underscoring the social network as a primary factor of production.  But the video is spot on highlighting the connection between attention, social values and sustainable profits.

Yvette will invade your thinking with this video that has a wisp of everything that I have tried to relate at this blog, in the ebook and over at

Wow Yvette!  I love it!

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  1. Chris Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Found out about this blog a couple of weeks back: have become a big fan since.

    I thought you might enjoy the following TED talk (18min long):

    It is about intrinsic motivation which, in a sense, is very closely related to Social Capital Value Add.



  2. Michael Cayley Says:


    Thanks for stopping by.

    I did catch Dan Pink’s TEDtalk. It is featured on Yvette’s homepage:

    It is very provocative. I was unaware of the studies of the relationship between rewards and performance that Dan refers to.

    I have made the case here that altruism matters. That making a difference and unity of purpose should lead to greater productivity … but that is a different point then Dan is making.

    I did not know that greater personal incentives actually lead to less productivity when dealing with ambiguous problems or those requiring innovation.

    I suppose the studies that Dan cite used only financial incentives rather than social self interests (information flow, recognition, social credentials, etc) … thanks for refocusing me on this. Great learning for me .. can you smell the wood burning?


  3. Yvette Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you so much for the Attention you helping to bring so these issues and ideas! I have been catching up on my tweeting and was delighted to find your incredibly supportive tweets and this blog post. While I already appreciated your blog – you have made a bonafide fan out of me :-)

    I just can’t get over that you so completely “GOT” what the video was about. Yes, the video does resonate with your work focusing on Social Capital Value Add.

    Interestingly, this video was based on a ppt presentation I had done that got some rather positive feedback AFTER I put it online for the public. Prior to this I had lamented to integrate the feedback I was getting within my professional network…namely I was being told it was “too much” or “too big of an idea” for one presentation. In the end I tossed alot of what was suggested aside to follow what I felt the need to express…coming back to my truth as an Artist. When I did that video I could feel the installation I wanted to create, so until then I have drafted the ideas, information and content. Ideally this would be a public art piece “commissioned” by a suitable Sponsor.

    There is a certainly reality that has to be confronted by people in the business community (whether owners or employees) and what I learned is that the need to segment, compartmentalize, avoid facing head on – is strong and pervasive. This is one of the primary advantages that art offers as a context for doing what has to be done multilaterally.

    Thank you again for the support, Attention, and opportunity to open this dialogue with you.

    All the best,

  4. Yvette Says:


    Just in case anyone is interested….. Based on that feedback I mentioned I have uploaded two versions of the video. I did a slightly longer version (additional 2:31) that explores Art and social capital a bit more closely. That one can be by scrolling down a bit on this page of my website.

    Be well!

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