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@BeCircle tweeted this about Social Capital Value Add a while back …

“@memeticbrand only after reading this http://bit.ly/14kAM did I ‘get’ SCVA. SCVA.com needs this front and center”

So here it is again here:

What is your idea? What makes it innovative? Why is it important?

Let’s reprogram the corporation with the power of us. Social Capital Value Add (SCVA) is a corporate management & valuation methodology that links social media to corporate value in terms that investors & senior managers can act on. SCVA is rooted in accepted financial theory and previously introduced methods such as Economic Value Added & brand valuation. Like these methods SCVA can effectively change the way corporations behave. SCVA identifies social media as a scaled up form of social capital. It helps corporations recognize that people, empowered with broadband communications, are its most important assets for creating & defending value. Investors will bet on companies that understand that for the first time since the onset of the industrial revolution people cannot be reduced to mere factors of production. People are the best source of comparative advantage. SCVA ushers in new motives for corporate social responsibility. It highlights that bait & switch CSR tactics are not enough. Stable future earnings & the next leap forward in productivity will go to corporations who engage employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, etc, in activities that they can be proud to share with their friends and colleagues, who will in turn, recognize and reward these activities.


Sometime in 2004 when broadband Internet access began to become more prevalent than connections with less capacity, there was a point of inflection that has changed how corporations may create and preserve value.

New management methods are required to guide investors and corporate managers in their efforts to understand new risks due to these changes, to identify corporations that are more or less qualified to deal with these risks and to track specific performance in these areas relative to other companies, history and projections.

Social Capital Value Add (SCVA) is a management method, designed to link the pioneering intellectual enterprises of social capital and social network analysis to value based management and the priorities of marketers.

The mission of SCVA is to:

“empower investors and management with the framework to differentiate more valuable corporate assets (i.e. social networks maximized for social capital) from less valuable ones, and, in so doing, enable the establishment of measurable corporate goals and objectives.”

This blog is a forum to expand upon the basic ideas that have been introduced in the SCVA ChangeThis manifesto and eBook, engage academics, investors, corporate managers and their agents and evangelize the SCVA mission.


We did this at the WeMedia competition.  Is one take without editing, so please set your expectations accordingly.  Still happy to receive your comments here, blog reviews of SCVA and have you help spread the idea via twitter and such …

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12 Responses to “About SCVA”

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  5. Axel Schultze Says:

    Hi Michael, good to see others work on those thoughts too. I’m writing a white paper about social capital value. The term Social Capital was coined by Pierre Bourdieu and later on used by Robert Putnam. It became very popular 2001 when the world bank applied part of this to their studies on world poverty. I coined the term Social Capital Value (SCV) two years ago when it became apparent that with new technologies and methods we are actually able to start measure social capital as a value not only as result of surveys… Feel free to touch base by email.

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  7. Michael G. Cayley Says:

    Thanks all for these great comments. I will be sure to get in touch, visit your sites.

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  10. Simon T Small Says:

    In Adelaide, Australia, there is sooo much debate about improving our broadband network… I personally question the importance of 99% connectivity, although it would be great, social networking in essence (facebook, blogs, twitter) don’t need a very high bandwidth to operate…

    What do you think Michael?

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  12. Martin Says:

    Innovation 3.0: Focus on releasing everyone’s potential
    My name is Martín Brizuela and I’m a consultant from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Recently, my proposal for writing a manifesto in Changethis.com has been accepted and the manifesto proposal is titled: “Innovation 3.0: Focus on releasing everyone’s potential”. It’s about the theory that the third wave of innovation could be the creation of new disciplines, game or space for each individual in the organization. If enough people like it and vote for it, I will write it.
    To view the manifest, click the following link: http://www.changethis.com/proposals/1449

    Please, check out my proposal for manifesto and see if you want to vote for it and will write the manifest. You could see the abstract below these lines. You could share it with other people too.

    I really think that you will find it interesting.

    Martín Brizuela
    (+54 9 11) 6720-2705
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Innovation 3.0: Focus on releasing everyone’s potential
    Author(s): Martin Brizuela

    What would be destiny of talented people as artist or scientist without a discipline (meaning a form of business, sports, art, science and spaces in between) in which they could display its full abilities and capabilities to grow? People tend to unleash its full potential in one of a kind discipline; even brilliant people require a specific context to “play” at his/her best.

    In the next stage of innovation societies and organizations could have the capabilities to build “playgrounds” to iterate and create new disciplines for the development of every person and uncover hidden talents. Developing disciplines that could fit to people’s talents could be the best way to release human potential and achieve a great number of integral and unique innovations. Discipline innovation will set organizations and communities as exciting places to work and grow, and also will facilitate people’s best performance and potentially improve life.

    I’ll tell you how to create the playground.

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