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You can quickly download and/or share the eBook “Introducing Social Capital Value Add” below.  If you are looking for the shorter, SCVA ChangeThis manifesto you can get it here.

In the time-honored tradition of the Internet that Larry Roberts says “proved to the world that making something free as a driver would make a huge difference in making it a standard”, the eBook has no financial transaction cost attached to it.

But I hope that we can connect and generate some social capital together.  I would be grateful if you would subscribe by RSS or email to and so that together we can develop the ideas that are introduced in SCVA.

And, please, send your friends to this page to get their copy of the eBook, blog about it, tweet it and post it to your socialnetworking and bookmarking pages.

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P.S. It is easier to read and email the eBook if you download it.  Just click here and then hit the download button.  No registration required to print or download the google docs version.

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“If you have any interest at all in social capital, I encourage you to read Michael’s absolutely brilliant ebook (and keep in mind, I have read over 75 business strategy business books the past two years so I don’t use that term loosely)” – Barbara Gray, CFA

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Canadian Marketing Association:

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Rochelle Grayson, COO, Donat Group,

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Tim Kitchin, Co-Founder, Glasshouse Partnership, London, England

Jordan Willms, Sumolabs blogger,

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