Value Network Analysis Workshop: Optimizing Business Performance

Below is the news release from Value Networks. I am looking forward to this event. Thanks to John and team for making the trip to Toronto a reality.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 19, 2009 —® — a leader in organizational network visualization and analysis applications — announces the Value Network Analysis Workshop: Optimizing Business Performance.

The Value Network Analysis Workshop will be held at the MaRS Collaboration Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on 20 March 2009. This workshop develops leadership, fluency and visualization expertise for value networks. It offers a hands-on introduction to social, organizational and value network analysis (VNA) application technology.

Value network analysis is a superior method for understanding, visualizing, optimizing and leading complex organizations and businesses. It applies to both internal and operational value networks as well as industry value networks and business webs. Value networks fundamentally expand and redefine the scope, value and importance of networks to business, economies and civil society.

Value network tools are redefining operations, tactics and strategies in the smartest organizations. They provide a powerful road map to the network-centric future. Value networks and value network analysis are becoming commonplace in top global firms. Value networks drive improvements in resource utilization, productivity, innovation and bring sharp business results overall.

Firms like Wal-Mart [NYSE: WMT] have discovered the spectacular business advantages of transforming from a supply chain mentality to sustainable value networks mindset. “Value Networks aid our understanding and ability to address key issues and opportunities in our business,” says the Wal Mart Corporate Website.

Giant ERP vendor Oracle [Nasdaq: ORCL] is urging customers, “…to evolve their companies’ supply chains into value networks…”

SAP AG [NYSE: SAP], the central nervous system of 47,000 companies worldwide is leading dozens of industry value networks. Dr. Henning Kagermann, Chairman and CEO of SAP, is transforming the firm and its software offerings to master, “…not only value chains but entire value networks.”

Value networks are popular in diverse institutional settings such as the European Commission, Geneva-based NGOs, the Red Cross and global health organizations.

The Value Network Analysis Workshop is sponsored only by participants. The workshop tuition includes a full-privilege, 90-day subscription to™ Professional Edition. It provides a foundation for immediate application of value network methods to everyday business issues. It is designed both for people who are new to value networks and for those who would like to expand their methods and tools.

The venue is the stunning MaRS Collaboration Centre in downtown Toronto.

The Value Networks Analysis Workshop is open, low-cost, practical and conversational. It is for executives, directors, experts, researchers, scholars, consultants and practitioners having immediate needs for improved performance, greater effectiveness, faster innovation, customer delight and mastery of network-centric business models.

Pricing and Availability:

Registration for the Value Networks Analysis Workshop is open and available now. The event tuition, 90-day subscription to™ Professional Edition, meals, refreshments, parking, materials, and registration is $499.00. Secure online registration in advance required. All are welcome.



Sarah V. Jones, Event Director®
1072 Folsom Street, #386
San Francisco CA 94103
(978) 468-0267

Optimizing Business Performance Workshop – Toronto

On February 10th, I am attending and acting as the local champion for the Optimizing Business Performance Workshop being presented by San Francisco based Value Networks.

UPDATE: Best selling author David Ticoll will be presenting on mitigating the risks of adopting network management methods.

UPDATE2:  On the evening of the 10th, a few of us are registered to attend the “Markets Making Music” concert & lecture being presented by the Martin Prosperity Institute at Rotman.  You should register for this event too if you plan on hanging in there for the evening.  Note MC: I am still going to this.

UPDATE, Jan. 19th from John Maloney, VP of ..

Because of the demand and popularity of the VNA Workshop, it has been decide to configure it into a worldwide ‘road show’ versus separate, ‘one-off’ events. This will allow us to win sponsorship, leverage marketing and conduct a better series of distributed events overall for the whole of 2009.

We are still coming to Toronto, but the date needs to slip a bit to allow the pre-work to take place. We are looking at 20 March 2009 for your event. Note from MC: I guess this puts the event back into the tentative column until otherwise confirmed.

Also, if you have any local enterprise sponsor prospects for the event, let us know.

The event is being held at the MaRS Collaboration Centre, South Tower, 101 College Street, Suite 100, Toronto, ON Canada M5G 1L7.

Early bird registration is available through Jan. 9th.  All the details and links are available here.

The workshop leader will be value network pioneer Verna Allee.  Please click though to discover more about her 20 years of experience in value networks, knowledge management, intellectual capital, and new business models, Verna has been a trusted advisor to more than 100 Fortune 1000  companies, leading government agencies, civil society organizations, and entrepreneurial startups — including Cisco Systems, the Boeing Company, HP, Telenor, AgResearch, PwC, and Mayo Clinic.

Please pass on this notice to everyone who should attend or send someone from their organisation:

  • Executives, directors, managers and leaders;

  • Entrepreneurs, scholars, academics and students;

  • Consultants, practitioners and subject matter experts;

  • Business collaboration evangelists and community managers.

Abstract and Benefits

The Value Network Analysis Workshop themes are value networks and value network analysis (VNA).

Over the last decade networks and analysis have exploded onto the business scene. Widespread, fundamental advancements in productivity, innovation and collaboration are being achieved with value networks and VNA.

VNA Professional Edition is leading new, innovative practices in network analysis. The Value Network Analysis Workshop equips you with the following benefits and advantages.

  • Develop skills in value networks;

  • Gain hands-on practical experience with VNA;

  • Understand social, organizational and value network analysis;

  • Identify value networks, process engineering and system dynamics synergies;

  • Understand how to plan and apply value network analysis for business improvement;

  • Describe value network users organizations and their advantages;

  • Expand your visualization and analysis capability with VNA technology;

  • Elaborate how value networks and VNA expands and improves current methods such as Lean, TQM, 6-Sigma, Hoshin, ISO-9000, OD/OL, System Dynamics, Baldridge, etc.

  • Generate multi-faceted, cross-industries insights and dialogue in value networks.

This special, low-cost workshop includes a 90-day, fully functional licenses to VNA Professional Edition Workshop with your registration.

Special thanks to John Maloney & Sarah Jones who reached out to get me involved in this event.