SCVA in 90 seconds

Hmmm … not bad for a first attempt.  Thanks to the folks at groundreport and WeMedia who got me on the spot for this as part of the competition.

I am interested in your feedback.  Clearly this could be better, what are your thoughts?

Note: click on the “full screen” button so that you can actually read the flash cards.

Ideas Need People to Spread #2: Incentive

UPDATE: SCVA has been selected as a finalist in the Power of  Us competition! Thanks!  Make sure you let me know when you rate!

UPDATE2, Feb. 10, 2008: Toronto Community Leader, David Walsh was the winner of the ticket to the lecture & concert tonight.  He has a board meeting, so gave his ticket to singer/songwriter Michael Cavanaugh.

In Ideas Need People to Spread #1, I asked you to support a couple of initiatives … one being advanced by some friends and my submission to Ashoka’s The Power of Us: Reimagine Media competition.

When I received an invitation yesterday to the Martin Prosperity Institute’s upcoming “Markets Making Music” lecture & concert event featuring a lecture about the market for ideas by the Peter Munk Professor of Entrepreneurship, Ajay Agrawal followed by a Q&A session with Sellaband CEO and Co-Founder Johan Vosmeijer as well as an album debut concert performance by Sellaband recording artist Angie Arsenault a few ideas aligned …

– The Power of Us.

– Reimagine Media.

– Market for Ideas.

– “Arsenault turned to another Internet innovation and raised $50,000 from 531 “believers” spread across 34 countries”

– what goes around, comes around.

So I felt inspired to innovate a little.  I ordered an extra seat for the event in Toronto and it could be yours (or you can always give to a friend of yours in Toronto if you win).

You learn about emerging trends in the music industry, markets for ideas, see a concert and get a free copy of Angie’s CD.

All that I ask is that you go right now to this link and comment on or rate or nominate Social Capital Value Add.

Let me know once you have made that little extra digital effort.  Ideally via Twitter @memeticbrand or through a post or comment either here or anywhere on the web which it will show up in a google alert (tag #PowerofUs) or email me at michael at socialcapitalvalueadd dot com.

I have already asked a lot of people to support the idea of Social Capital Value Add.  As a result it was released by ChangeThis.  Many have supported with blog posts and tweets.

This is the most important outreach that I have done, but it is also time to get some financing.  Social Capital Value Add maybe too early to help me support my family.  The incentives, I think, are in the right places.

On February 9th, I will randomly draw the name of one digital evangelist to join in the February 10th event at Rotman.

I think a few of us from the Optimizing Business Performance event at MaRs during the day on Feb. 10th will be along for the ride.  It should be fun.