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Twitter Matters #5: Twitter and Social Capital

Doug Luberts has an interesting post and thread going about Twitter and Social Capital that is a nice weave into the series that I have going on over at www.memeticbrand.com about Why Twitter Matters.

Doug introduces Felicia Day as an example. Her Twitter following alone is close to 15,000. “She tweets, and she not only hits her 15,000 followers, but taps into their networks as well.  Those followers re-tweet or reply, and everyone who follows them gets a whiff.”

Here is the money quote from Doug:

“In this brave new world of New Media and Social Networking your visibility and ability to attract a following is no less important than the need for a network television show to do the same via Nielsen ratings.”

Twitter really highlights these effects, but the idea is the same for all forms of social media which are scaled up forms of social capital.

As long as Fecilia continues to deliver value to her followers, she will be able to tweet for dollars. However, there is great productivity and value in the obligations that she must take on to maintain her position as arbiter of information and/or entertainment.

This is not the broadcast era, driven by a shortage of bandwidth.  There are millions, soon billions of channels, i.e. broadband empowered individuals who can present a more authentic alternative.  Hollywood stars that fade, do so for these same reasons.

Fecilia can not “sell” her social capital. She must always be fostering it.

She can only align with products, services, ideas, messages, films, shows that help her foster her social capital.

Products, services, ideas & messages must be socially aligned.

This matters to you unless you are content to fade.

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Comment, Kim Patrick Kobza, CEO, Neighborhood America: cognitive outliers, real time group cognition

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