SCVA in 90 seconds

Hmmm … not bad for a first attempt.  Thanks to the folks at groundreport and WeMedia who got me on the spot for this as part of the competition.

I am interested in your feedback.  Clearly this could be better, what are your thoughts?

Note: click on the “full screen” button so that you can actually read the flash cards.

379 entries from 48 countries … good news! SCVA is a finalist.

I received a little good news last week. Social Capital Value Add was selected as a finalist by WeMedia from a field of 379 entries from 48 countries. Details here:

Thank you to everyone who supported my entry. Don’t forget to let me know if you clicked through. You might win the ticket.

I know that the rules say that the judges make the selections, not the voters but feel free to try to add comments or rate my entry here:

@BeCircle tweeted this about the SCVA entry:

“@memeticbrand only after reading this did I ‘get’ SCVA. needs this front and center”

You see competition can make things better.  I will amend the “about” page here to incorporate the language from the submission.

They gave Al Gore more than 12 minutes when he took the WeMedia stage, but then again that was before we knew it takes just 4 minutes. :)

Is anyone else going to be in Miami for February 24th to 27th?